MOMENTS WITH ME3 {Raising Amazing Boys}

I’ve learned a lot about raising boys in the last 13 years since my siblings started their families and had 7 boys all together.

When it was my turn to have our first baby, she arrived a sweet baby girl (and was the only little girl in the cousins crew until the beginning of February, when I had my 3rd baby — also a baby girl!). When I found out we were pregnant with our second baby, a precious little boy, we were so happy! I knew that moment that we had a unique journey ahead of us. Raising a boy comes with a different level of patience, grace and tolerance that can help you along the journey of life. I am blessed to have my sister and brother as great role models for how to raise boys; and I’m even more blessed to be able to closely see so many personalities of boys from my nephews. That experience has given me the chance to learn about boys in general and what to expect as they grow into men.

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With the help from many parents and grandparents whom I respect, I’ve compiled a list of tried and trusted advice on raising boys. I received an abundance of hilariously honest advice from some great people on how to raise amazing boys. Each of them have a slightly different approach to parenting, but they’re all doing their best to raise confident, strong, well-loved boys. I mean we ALL can use some tips on raising boys into adulthood!

The fire and assertiveness that’s in them turns into leadership as an adult.

Don’t try to take that out of him because as he gets older, and is able to harness it, it will serve him well. (A.W. Dad of 1 boy, 4 girls)

— Make sure he knows you love him and care about his well-being at a young age and through adulthood.

Command respect when it comes to what is right and wrong. He’ll know you’ll confront him if things are not the way they should be and you’ll hold him accountable. Holding him accountable might upset him as a young boy but when he’s grown, he will respect you for it. (C.R.K. Grandad of 7 boys, 2 girls)

— Always have a water bottle in the car for pee emergencies!

(K.G. Mom of 4 boys)

— Have patience and give them a safe space to take risks.

(L.S. Mom of 2 boys)

— Spend time with your boys.

Listen to them. Take the time to understand their frame of mind so you can know what they need (firmness, nurturing, education, etc.). That way, you can provide better guidance. (CK- Dad of 2 boys)

— Always teach him to speak respectfully to his mother.

As a result, he will learn to speak that way to all women (CK-Mom of 1 boy, 2 girls)

— Always let them talk, hear them out, no matter what age they are.

To you it might not be important but to them what they’re saying is very important. (J.G. Dad of 4 boys)

— Let him express his emotions.

It’s ok for him to cry when he falls down or feels sad. In addition, show him your emotions by telling him you love him, hugging him, congratulating him for as long as it takes. (M.C Dad of 2)


• Are you a boy mom/dad? What is some of the most helpful advice you’ve given or received?

• In what ways do you think raising boys is different than raising girls? How do they compare in similarities?

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