THROUGH MY EYES {Me3 Project Turns ONE!}


I can’t believe that the Me3 Project is a year old.

This truly is like another child for me because there has been so much growth over the last year and I can’t believe that it’s happened so fast. Just like with my child, the nights were long and the days seemed hard, but this first year has flown by. To be honest, I am proud of what we have done and I am looking forward to how much we will grow in the years to come.

As I think back and reflect, I would love to share things I have learned in establishing the Me3 Project and the top initiatives we were able to execute this year.

  1. Let the expert be the expert – If your thing is writing, then write. If it’s drawing, then draw. Experts are experts for a reason. I am blessed to have a supportive team of people that have helped me in a variety of ways this year including, but not limited to:

    1. AK Classics, LLC – Publisher and Coach

    2. Bella Boca PR – Media, Social Media, and Marketing

    3. Communications, Etc. - Branding and Graphic Design

    4. CharMedia – Influencer, Writer, and Media Operations

    5. Savaan Wallace – Illustrator

    6. Wobolaw – Attorney at Law

  2. What’s the end game? – Although you may be excited about your big idea, you also have to spend time understanding your bigger goal or purpose. I received some early coaching from The Business Babes that caused me to || PAUSE || and realize that it was more than a book for me; but a movement and a mission to be a catalyst for change. That one conversation and my willingness to listen to the feedback allowed me to create the Me3 Project when I originally thought I was just trying to publish Black Boy Joy.

  3. Get out of your own way Sometimes we over complicate the process. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you have the resources to publish. Just write. You won’t be able to have a conversation with anyone without your manuscript or concept fleshed out at first anyway - so just write! It doesn’t matter who you know or don’t know. Depending on the type of book that you are publishing, there will be plenty of people that will edit your book and provide input along the way. You do not need to be one of them. Put all of your creative thoughts on paper and let the trusted experts do their jobs.

  4. Your product is ready…now what? - People have to know that your book or product exists! You should spend just as much energy trying to figure that out by leveraging social media where you can. Prior to our book launch, we sold 400+ books using social media and email lists alone. You may need to hire someone to help you with this. Be strategic in the hire so that it is someone that has relationships with the media, publications, and/or retailers that can help you get your product to your target audience.

  5. It’s YOUR dream - Not everyone is as excited about your dream as you are, because it’s your dream and not theirs. And that’s totally okay. If you are willing to work nights, weekends, and miss out on fun events to invest in your dream; then you know you are heading on the right path. However, it doesn’t mean that you can and should expect those same sacrifices from others and it also shouldn’t deter you from achieving your goals. Many people have said that you will likely get more support for your small business from people that you don’t know versus the people that you do know. Keep grinding no matter what.


As we continue to move the Me3 Project forward, my hope is that sharing our story and growth with you will give you something to think about in regards to a connection you may have that you can help us make this year. As an author, I will use my stories as a tool to show people of color in everyday narratives. I am committed to using my passion for bringing people together, making reading fun for kids, and writing to make a difference in the way that black boys are perceived in our community. The Me3 Project will help all moms create a diverse and inclusive environment in their homes in order for those values to be replicated into our schools and communities.


Happy Anniversary Me3 Project Family!


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Ashley Hunt